YOUTH, Change Agent - Gender equality and European integration values


About the project

LIBURNETIK Organization with the support of AMSHC (Agency for the Support of Civil Society), in the framework of the program 'Youth - Investment and guarantee for the European future of the country', has implemented the project “YOUTH, Change Agent - Gender equality and European integration values”.

The aim of the project is to promote gender equality, reduce stereotypes and gender discrimination in young people working with young people, using creative and interactive non-formal education methods with a contemporary approach and conduct a research on youth perception on gender equality.

Main objectives of the project::

  1. Increasing capacities of young people working with youth on gender equality, stereotype and discrimination reduction.
  2. Promoting gender equality and encouraging young people involved in the project to take concrete initiatives on human rights, gender equality, reducing stereotypes, campaigns against discrimination;
  3. Increasing the knowledge and skills of young people to practice new creative tools in the war against gender stereotypes and discrimination;
  4. Recognize and use of “Forum Theatre” method to foster active participation of youth in society, and in particular to empower young people to take a active role in their communities in the fight against discrimination.
  5. Conducting a scientific study targeting young people from the 3 Albania cities on the perception that young people have about gender equality.

Project’s activities

  • Training- 1 tree day training on each of the pre selected cities.
  • Scientific study
  • 6 Focus groups (2 for each city)
  • Questionnaires
  • On-line campaign on the importance of youth orientation and capacity building
  • Web site for capacity building of youth

This project was addressed to about 100 young people aged 15-18 who were also its direct beneficiaries involved in training.

Implemented by

LIBURNETIK Organisation

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