“Computer Literacy” – ended the 1st month of summer school
July 10, 2019
LIBURNETIK joins with Youth and Civil Society on the International Youth Day
August 12, 2019

LIBURNETIK Organization celebrates the 5th anniversary of establishment.

Hello friends!

I am honored and in the same time emotional to share with you the importance that what the 14th of July, this day, represents for us. As today, 5 years ago, we, a youth group gave shape our ideas through defining the starting point, making the dream official, we decided to take a very important journey for us and it required a lot of commitment honestly. At that time we had initiative and energy that pushed us to establish LIBURNETIK Organization. That group had some times that existed, specifically 14 months, was growing everyday and those months served to define the mission and objectives of the organization.

Today LIBUNETIK turns 5 years old andwe as a group are characterized by the same positive energy and with full awareness that there is still much to do. Today without a doubt we are more mature and down to earth, more structured and clear for our journey. During those years we have gained a lot of experience, and modestly we began to leave marks on the youth sector. Challenges, with success and failure of these 5 years sharped our senses and led us identifying appropriate and priority interventions.

We would like to share with all of you a special day like this one in order to highlight the engagement of those years. During this time, as we underlined also in our mission, we aimed awareness, promotion and development of Albanian society, for improving the life of youth by valuating their needs and implementing ideas, projects and innovative actions.

Was 14th of July 2014 were a group of 7 youngsters decided to take a journey of being active and contributing for their country, through presenting idea exchange and uniting energies in order to develop on individual and team level. LIBURNETIK, distinguishing from other organizations, was designed as an alternative refuge for young people focusing on multiplied small actions. Starting from this point of view, we believe that till now we are on the right way.

Our objective was implementing some initiatives that would leave marks based on how are developed, what do those include and how to those effect at youth. LIBURNETIK during those years tried to get closer to small cities and rural areas and step away of huge centers or big cities. Ander the frame of small and often actions, nowadays at the spectrum of implemented activities we have: awareness and informing campaigns, festivals, focus groups, conferences, summer schools, seminaries, flash-mobs, artistic installations, exhibits, painting courses, activism groups, strategic and infrastructural project management for youth and kids, cultivating the debateculture and critical thinking, representation at policy making and youth issues advocating, and other. Those and more others are work products and results during those years, which come as instrument helping to promote and develop Albanian youth, and are stretched through implementing our or partners project ideas.

On implementing those different projects and initiatives, we express ourselves with enthusiasm and we can say that we got engaged with the below educative and awareness campaigns:

  • Art
  • Human Rights
  • Culture
  • Anti-corruption
  • Education and career orientation
  • Infrastructural development, and other.

When we turn our heads back on 5 years of LIBURNETIK, we notice that we are matured and this fact gets our attention and bring emotions to make us understand that a team, a small one, can do a good job and bring positive changes. We are still young but convinced that the years we left behind served to show us that we are ready to go through a journey full of challenges for a society that puts the fundamentals at youth for a better future.

Ergys Gezka
Drejtor Ekzekutiv i Liburnetik