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Youth, critical thinking and debating culture


About the project
The project “Youth, critical thinking and debating culture” is one of the latest project that LIBURNETIK has started, in close cooperation with the World Vision organization.
The project aims to promote debating culture in Albania for the youth of Impact groups, youth interactions and activation in a local level with a focus in their and their community’s commitment for improving education politics, as well as other sectors that lead in a better development for their country.

Main project objectives are:

  1. Debate organizing in national rank, based on the Albanian areas covered by World Vision, by using IDEA format for 25 Sky groups, between the ages 12-18.
  2. Promoting of critical thinking in at least 250 youngsters of middle schools and high schools and also giving them an opportunity to express their opinion on important issues, with whom our society faces.

By implementing this debate competition, youth students from Sky groups of World Vision, will have the opportunity to come closer to the methodology that LIBURNETIK uses for organizing a constructive debate. Topics selected for discussion will have the aim to also support students in becoming active citizens and to use school as an environment of their rights.

Moreover, this project aspires to raise and empower at least three youth groups, which will have as their primal viewpoint the identification of priorities and problems in a local level and take initiatives to address them. The creation and support of three youth groups in three different cities, which will take initiatives in cooperation with their community through activities that put in center activism and elements of structural dialogue in education sector and more.

This project will take place in the areas where World Vision is present and where Sky youth groups are created and aims to include 25 debate groups consisting 10 youngsters with a total of 250 participants.

Project will last for about 5 months, starting in 01.03.2021 and ends in 31.07.2021.

Through youth activism and their continuous care, these youngsters will prepare recommendations for education politics and will be part of every initiative or organizations that will have in center consultations and the concept of structured dialogue as a direct expression of being an active citizen and embracing the values of United Nations.

Implemented by
LIBURNETIK Organisation

Supported by
Organizata World Vision