About the project

LIBURNETIK Organization held several meetings with Librazhd Municipality and they decided to collaborate for the prior project proposal for the Municipality, in particular for kids and young people of the city. This project proposal was delivered from Librazhd Municipality immediately after the 5 th call for proposals of IADSA was open and after the results were published from the donator, the project of Librazhd Municipality and LIBURNETIK, ‘’ The reconstruction and rehabilitation of children’s cultural center, Librazhd’’ project was winner.

This project is predicted to have a wide impact and immediate for children and youth of Librazhd, because is consist on a deep intervenient in infrastructure of this center and also for the fact that this is the only city center dedicated only and exclusively to children and youth.

Apart of its absolute importance that this project has for the small town of Librazhd, holds a special significant role for LIBURNETIK, because this is the first project that sees our organization as a partner and protagonist with its staff leading a infrastructure project.

Implementing period May 2017 – Feb 2018.

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Bashkia Librazhd


LIBURNETIK Organisation

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