About the project

LIBURNETIK Organization, in collaboration with ‘’Save the Life’’ Association and the support of ‘’World Vision’’, bring the project ‘’The Reflecting Surface of the Children’’

This program is initiated and has the base at the faith toward those kids. The faith that if they desirer something strongly and have the talent, is possible to make it.

Maybe for some of you may sound weird working on drawing and painting with autistic and intellectual backwardness children, this because those difficulties will effect in direct way the way they paint. If you stare for some moments their desire to paint and with how many colors they see their favorite characters, animals, people... life, you will understand how important this is, that how significant is to offer them colors, emotions and feelings.

Our program toward activities with children’s of Help the Life Association has started at September 2017, were a professional group from art and social science fields, part of LIBURNETIK Organization took the volunteering initiative to share parts of their time with children’s of Help the Life Association through having the full support of the director and the staff to facilitate the process of putting into practice this project.

Help the Life Association is an institution that treats children with autism and intellectual backwardness, and has the main goal ‘’Building opportunities and improving social status of children, young people and grown ups with special needs, in a way that their rights are protected and they are integrated in families and communities as members with equal rights and possibilities’’.

The objective of this project is developing creative and artistic skills, improving emotional state of the kids, through the therapy of art and different activities that help in their integration in society through volunteering and involvement of students from Social Science and Art Academy.

For the more this project-program has achieved and aspirates to effect in results below:

  • Discovering and developing artistic skills in painting for autistic children and for intellectual backwardness children from new professional painters.
  • Doing periodic activities through art therapy.
  • Promoting the work of children through realizing an exhibition with their work like paintings, handmade works, and other.
  • Improving the emotional state of kids through informal education methods, that puts the focus improving emotional and physical state of the children.
  • Developing a new way of seeing for special need people, focus in evaluation of talents and increase of social sensitivity.

Implemented by

LIBURNETIK Organisation


Qendra “Ndihmoni Jetën”

Supported by

World Vision