About the project

The “Fight Corruption and Have Fun” project can be considered as a project-campaign between organizing and implementing some field activities and an ironic approach to the relationship between the values ​​of a healthy society and corruption in the current Albanian context and reality.

Through the project is proposed a “solution/game” were the roles are exchanged, having in the centre youth, that “denounce” the honest clerks. The project took place in “Sami Frashëri” high school and the Faculty of Social Science, UT. The campaign with spread through “word of mouth”, which according to some statistics it’s a successful way of delivering social messages. Through “word of mouth” the message will also be spread on different social media and communication channels of the Organization.

The clerks were identified by youngsters and will be praised for their work. The students of high school and university were divided in two groups in order to discus which were not the corrupted clerks. The groups chose 4 clerks and they will organize flash-mobs to praise them for their work. The flash-mobs were recorded and shared in social media and into other communication channels of the organization. Those sharings aim to grow awareness at youth and Albanian society on the fight against corruption. The project success will be measured by the social media interaction, were the indicators will be the number of people following the organization’s social media, number of views, comments, and shares of flash-mobs.

In our country are used different approaches to fight corruption. Till now is noticed that the focus was on damages and consequences that corruption brings. For this reason we chose another method that aims on education and raising awareness on the society through anticorruption campaigns.

Is noticed that a lot of things has evolved by time, but the nowadays youth raises some question marks on some matters:

Is the youth sensible and educated about corruption issues?! Do they perceive corruption as a threat to our society?! Are they involved in the community?! Are they shocked when they notice corruption in the county or they are indifferent?!

The project’s target group are youth of ages 16 – 20. Albanian youth seems to be indifferent on problems and damages caused by corruption. It is noticed in general that they are powerless and they are almost not included on the fields like politics, economy, health, and other. More than ever, the new generation desires to leave the country because they sees it hard to live here. The purpose of our project is to empower youth and concentrate their energies on anticorruption challenge through a social-game. “Fight Corruption and Have Fun” is a campaign-project that took place for the first time in our county and its products are connected with social media pages.

High schoolers and students will be the one in charge of project’s continuity in social media. Those volunteers will have access on social media pages. The think that youth has something to say about the fight against corruption and we want to assure them an opportunity that gives a ideal to follow. LIBURNETIK team will search for collaboration with other organizations for the purpose of continuing the project in the future.

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Implementuar nga Organizata LIBURNETIK

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American Embassy Tirana

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