About the project

“Love through Colors” is a volunteering service of LIBURNETIK Organization at Ramazan Kabashi Institute. The aim of this volunteering service was social integration of the blind kids through developing artistic skills on painting, art therapy, activities that will improve the kids emotional state and raise social awareness toward these target groups.

On the second year of its implementation, this project supported by Ministry of Culture, was still implemented at Ramazan Kabashi Institute. The used methodology for the project is quite special and different from teaching subjects that they do during school.

With the aid of a volunteering group specialised in art and proctology, the project achieved all its main predictable objectives. Kid, which never before had done a similar therapy program, reacted good and as a result were 3 big exhibits dedicated to their work.

The first exhibit took place in the National Museum were 35 paintings, done by those kids with a huge creativity and work, were shown. Present were a lot of media and curios people that wanted to know the program and the work of the kids.

The second exhibit took place in Hotel Plaza and was organized with the support of Tirana Municipality and was formed as a fundraising, in order to use the incomes form selling for Ramazan Kabashi Institute. From the incomes of this even was possible to improve the conditions of the kid’s gaming hall, located inside the institute.

The third exhibit took pace at Pazari Ri, in collaboration with Tirana Municipality and the support of Ministry of Culture. Even in this exhibit was done fundraising and the income went to Ramazan Kabashi Institute. In this exhibit were shown over 25 different pieces like painting and ceramic and wooden hand-made pieces.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Discovering and developing painting artistic skills at kids with difficulties in vision from professional painters;
  • Implementing art therapy;
  • Exhibits with their work like paintings and hand-made work, is sold so the income would go to improve the environment were they live;
  • Activities with the focus on the kids through non-formal education, in order to improve emotional and physical state of the kids.

The direct beneficiaries are the kids with difficulty in vision of Ramazan Kabashi Institute of Tirana. Their inclusion through creative methods, raising capacities, discovering and developing artistic skills, developing art therapy and activities that will lead toward their social integration. Form this service even the society will benefit indirectly were a new approach is expected toward the disability, focusing on talent evaluation and not at missing abilities, raising social awareness.

The project’s beneficiaries are not only the children of this institute but also the volunteers that were engaged on the project.

Implemented by:

LIBURNETIK Organisation


Instituti Ramazan Kabashi dhe Tirana Municipality

Supported by

Ministria e Kulturës