About the project

LIBURNETIK in collaboration with National Youth Congress and with the support of Antea Cement sh.a company, had organized for the second year in row the program ‘How to learn the computer’ in the villages of Thumana Municipality. The second edition did include more villages than the first one and as a consequence more youngsters of Thumana Municipality. The program is taking place at the offices of Antea Cement sh.a company, which is found in Thumana Municipality.

This edition were chosen to participate in the program the kids of the villages of Borizan, Shpërdhe and Fushë-Mamurras, in collaboration with 9 th grade schools were their students stand out for their activism in the community and high performance at the school year of 2017-2018. Between the participants were also the kid from the families with high economic issues which were supported by this corporate through a special program.

The trainers of LIBURNETIK Organization, through a detailed program were able to give good basics of the package “Microsoft Office” and in more details by giving attention to specific programs as “Word”, “Exel” dhe “Powerpoint”. During the training, the trainees were divided on the groups of 3, and had the task to do a project by putting everything they learned on the programs by focusing on the main commands and to those that were important for their tasks that will be developing more on schools too.

The summer school took place on the months of June, July and August. The participants were 16 kids form Borizan village, 23 form Shperdhet village and 20 from Fushe-Mamurras village. Even though the session’s condition were not adaptable, a high effort was noticed from the participants and this is verified when they are asked for their feedback about the implementation and if they wanted the program to last more in time.

The methods used for the program were formal education combined with informal education. Was based on certified education programs and combining them with research tasks, games and chats about contemporary social topics. Those type of methods are now well-known as a important part of youth education, which gives them the opportunity to learn something new with entertainment and also be adopted with the features that the trainees want based on their feedback as a mean of interaction within the program and young participants.

In the end of the work with each group, there was a space dedicated to a review format for a full feedback about their opinions of how this program is built if there should be any changes and if they wanted continuity. It holds a great importance to the organizers and trainers if the project was entertaining enough for the students.

A non-formal certificate award ceremony was held as a final event, during of which all the work was presented and some of the students who had the best achievements, interaction with others and some other factors important to our eye, were stimulated with a gift. Also certificates were given to all of the participants. 

Implemented by:

LIBURNETIK Organisation


Kongresi Rinor Kombëtar

Supported by

ANTEA Cement Sh.a