Intercultural mediation and its role during the social integration process


About the project

The project’s main purpose is preparing the mindset in order to manage in different levels migration flows, whether they are refugees or returnees.
This project lies in two parallel lines: on one side is an advocacy process about the importance of intercultural mediation’s figure and on the other side an informing program for 25 youth people is developed for the first time, whom in the end of the program will be equipped with the right skills as an intercultural mediator.

The projects’ program will be firstly applied in a training and practice cycle in The National Center for Asylum Seekers.

Topics that will be discussed during the trainings:

  • Migration social and cultural anthropology
  • Globalization, socio-economic changes and migratory flows
  • Cultural differences and coexistence models
  • Integration and intercultural mediation in everyday relationships: school, health, work
  • Law. Analysis between the Albanian legislation and international law
  • Culture, body language and verbal language, gender differences: the changes that cultural integration makes

The training cycle will be held from Albanian and foreign intercultural mediation experts.


Implemented by:
LIBURNETIK Organisation

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