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Social integration, together development and raise capacities of youth. LIBURNETIK Organization, after a high interest through the first edition of DIASPORTA 2.0 and the tendency raising more and more of leaving Albania from the youth, thanks to the support of AMSHC, decided to implement another edition of it, with the purpose on youth awareness. The message aiming to forward through this project was: raising capacities of youth and to be proposed, from them, from You, a sustainable development alternative.

Albania is one of the few countries on world that almost one of the third of its population is abroad in immigration. At the last years is noticed that number of young people abroad is greatly increased. “DIASPORA 2.0 – Social integration, together development and increase of youth capacities.”, is a project that got born from this frame, to analyze advantages and to inform young people on importance of diaspora and on spin-offs, that were born from it, under the concept of academic, professional and together development shaping.

The main purpose of the project was organizing and awareness of youth on Albanian diaspora importance in Italy and on their orientation for social- economic development processes in the county. Through different phases of the project were performed a series of informing and sensitizing activities about the importance of Albanian diaspora in Italy, were participated 500 young people, mostly from ages 16-28. Organized meetings and workshops materials were distributed and are available also in the website of LIBURNETIK Organization.

The goal of those activities, on one side intended to inform and orientate the youth, on the other side was the starting point to create a group that could get in contact with Albanian diaspora in Italy to create collaborative relations on ideas or Start-Up projects or new enterprises, which can have as protagonists Albanian young people through urging employment and taking a ‘know how’ format from entrepreneurs and Albanian professionals from Albanian diaspora in Italy. The young people were informed on the opportunities that Italy and other European countries offer for university studies and postgraduate studies for applying to study abroad and information was served on studying opportunities/scholarships that those country offer, on procedures that has to be followed and documents that should be prepared.

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LIBURNETIK is a non-profit organization created by the will of a group of young people with the aim of raising awareness, promoting and developing the Albanian society, for the betterment of social life, by assessing the needs of the territory and implementing innovative ideas, projects and actions.

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Agency for the Support of Civil Society (AMShC)

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