About the project

LIBURNETIK Organization together with Tirana Municipality are performing a series of activities in the public Library at no. 2 administrative unit. This project emphasizes the youth and their perception on neighborhood’s libraries environment. LIBURNETIK wants to enrich library activities, through adding youth activities that points out youth development and promoting art, culture and active citizenship.

LIBURNETIK Organization wants to bring a social impact at youth groups by working close to the community in general. We believe that only by powering them who will be the base of tomorrow’s community can be created a worth environment to be called a European community. With this program we want to have, as much collaboration as we can with the youth by offering a teamwork space with us for fulfilling the planed activities, and by urging in this was the sensibility toward everything that happens in neighborhood, in living areas so they can become improvement actors.

Through implementing recurring activities is intended also to increase number of registration in the library.

The target group for this project is youth at ages 15-28 years old, those that are on 9 th grade schools, high schools and universities.

The main purpose of this project is to create active youth by giving life to capital’s neighborhoods and more specifically to bring space sharing culture on local libraries, which even that are functional, we can say that are less visited by youth. We want to involve young people in as many activities as we can which creates a community movement by making them protagonists.

The specific objectives for this project are:

  • Turning the libraries into public spaces;
  • Increasing capacities by listening to real life success stories;
  • Library, as a cultural source place for youth;
  • Increasing capacities to give the opportunity to youth people to reflect on how they can give their help to strengthen community where they are part of;
  • Increasing social responsibility and the importance of helping community;
  • Gaining knowledge on human rights and on how a united community can go forward secured in the future.
  • Carrier orientation to help youth on their future choices.

Planed activities will include frames like:

  • “Human Library”;
  • Book Promotion;
  • Focus Groups;
  • Monthly meeting “Active citizenship, necessary value and unchangeable for youth”;
  • Takime të përmuajshme me temë “Të rinjtë dhe libri – Një raport solid në evolucion;
  • Monthly meetings with the subject ‘’Youth and the Book – a solid ratio in evolution;
  • “Language Coffee” – English Month;
  • “Language Coffee” – Italian Month;
  • “Cine-Forum” – Movies and documentaries projection with social subjects.

Implemented by

LIBURNETIK Organisation


Tirana Municipality