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July 7, 2022
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September 1, 2022

"Access to Internet - an emerging Human Right in the area of digitalization", LIBURNETIK's newest project

LIBURNETIK is pleased to present the newest project “Access to Internet – an emerging Human Right in the area of digitalization”. This project focuses on internet access as a developing human right in the area of digitalization, and is supported by the European Youth Foundation, a foundation created specifically for young people and youth organizations in Council of Europe members states.

During this project, 30 young people, who will be selected from the open call, will participate in a 5 -day training. They will learn how to deal with topics related to digitalization, human rights, young people, and to advocate equal access to the internet and all the necessary services it offers for young people. After the training will be completed young participants will engage in their community, creating opportunities for inclusiveness and activation for other young people. The purpose of this methodology is to create an information network for other young people who could not be able to take part in the training. This project will be developed in the city of Fier.

”Access to Internet – an emerging Human Right in the area of digitalization”, aims to raise awareness of young people in such topics, in order to make them partners and supervisors in the creation of an engaging community in such projects.

Stay updated to be more informed about the project and the activities that will go along with it! The methodology that will be used in the training will be the non -formal education. The training program has been approved by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. The training will take place in 5 days and there are in total 20 sessions, which contain different modules.
Implemented by LIBURNETIK Organization