Begins the third edition of “Re-Debate 5.0 – The Revitalization of Debate Culture”
October 8, 2019
Welcome 'LIBURNETIK Elbasan'!
December 23, 2019

On the occasion of National Day of Youth, 8th of December, took place the first activity of LIBURNETIK Elbasan. Was an impressive activity, which was organized and done by the young people and was described with notes of enthusiasm. The same as previous activities held in Rrëshen and Fushë Krujë, even this activity was designed as a spin-off of ‘Re-Debate 5.0 National Debate Championship’.Those activities, supported by ‘Open Society Foundation for Albania’ are designed and will be organized to raise equally to another level the spirit of debate and to serve as socialization and priority identification moments. During those activities, young people have the chance to talk with each other, to entertain and build initiatives and other proposals.

Boys and girls of LIBURNETIK Elbasan decided to do the activity in Belsh, under the frame of an itinerary. This day coincided with the mountaineering day, so consequently, the activity was dedicated to movement and health, Youth and Environment. In fact a full program was designed and the activity was called ‘Climbers for a day’. The group was made of 60 young people, from 6 high schools, 2 middle schools and university students.

After arriving in Belsh, they went down the hill that ended on a area similar with a amphitheater, suitable for the planed activity and a beautiful spot because in front was the lake and a still warm sun from the early winter.

The activity started with the introduction of LIBURNETIK Elbasan, the purpose of creating this group and which are its objectives. After that they followed the program starting with Energizers/Ice-breakings to get to know each other and as was expected, the expectations were exceeded: each one interacted with each other and had fun. During the day were built some groups, was reflected on the importance of constructive debate, its features and how critical thinking can serve as a skill that can affect on improvement of the life of young people and more. Following those reflections and discussions were organized some debates on full rehabilitation of metallurgic environments of the city, education, activism/active citizens and inclusion of youth in decision-making at local government. In the end of debates, the representatives of groups brought and presented with everyone the features of debating focusing on teamwork, how was the thesis formed, how were the thoughts united and if they had difficulties through the process. The debates were very qualitative and theused methodology during the debates was distinguished by the youngsters, the benefits the debate itself brings and the importance of effective communication.

After that, the young people brought some project-ideas for making other activities and they focused on priorities and needs they have on academic and vocational orientation level, development of some soft-skills, like: public speaking, resume writing, motivation letter, and other.

Those reflections and discussions were mixed up during the day with shows from young people themselves: singing, guitar playing, stand-up comedy, and other. The lunch was organized as a picnic, with a minimalistic basked with healthy products. After the lunch, the participants took care of the remains and garbage that nothing would be left back and also they cleaned a part of that area, by giving their example as responsible citizens. The day went very good and we took positive feedback, everyone had fun and the expressed their desire to have other activities like this one.