DIASPORA 2.0 – Workshop: Informimi i të rinjve mbi mundësitë e studimit në Itali
February 20, 2016
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March 31, 2016

Diaspora 2.0 – Workshop: Integration in Italy and migrating back

Albania is one of the few countries worldwide that almost more than a third of the population has emigrated. During the early 90s till in the mid-2000s, without interruption ,many Albanians have emigrated, mainly to European countries, where Italy and Greece were the main destinations. In Italy ,today live more than 500 000 Albanians, who have been integrated and are often organized in different forms.

LIBURNETIK with the support of the Agency for the Support of Civil Society (Albania) has undertaken a project about the importance of Diaspora in Italy. The Diaspora assessment will serve as a further impetus to the strengthening of relations with the Albanian civil society, state institutions and above all will be a bridge that will strengthen social and economic relations with neighbouring countries. This part of the capacity building of Diaspora organizations, through specific trainings focused on the capacity and lobbying network, thereby increasing the institutional cooperation among Albania and Italy. It will also raise public awareness about the importance of the Diaspora to the country (remittances, culture, Albanian language, etc.).

During this event was held an informative session on the procedures to be followed when students go to Italy. The meeting was structured in the form of a conversation and aimed administrative orientacion of Albanian students related to obtaining a residence permit , scholarships, etc.


A significant part of the meeting was also dedicated to the reintegration in Albania to those students or people who decide to return and rebuild their professional life in their country.