LIBURNETIK joins with Youth and Civil Society on the International Youth Day
August 12, 2019
Climbers for a day
December 8, 2019

Begins the third edition of “Re-Debate 5.0 – The Revitalization of Debate Culture”

LIBURNETIK Organisation had started to implement of the third edition of ““Re-Debate – The Revitalization of Debate Culture”” with the support of the Open Society Foundation Albania.

During the phase of implantation the organizational staff will be supported by Albanian National Youth Council which will follow every phase of the journey in Albania.

This year Re-Debate 5.0, based on the two pasted edition, will bring an interesting and competitive championship.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, “Re-Debate 5.0 – The Revitalization of Debate Culture” this year will include 50 public and non-public High Scholl in 17 cities, of Albania as an extracurricular activity.

Based on the long tradition of the project and the collaboration of the protagonists actors of the National Debate Championship, the new edition come with a new formula for the ranking of the 16 finalist’s teams. Unlike from the pasted 2 years, all of 50 teams which represent the high schools will compete based on the collected points during the phase of the debates on city level.

The purpose of the project is the developing critical thinking and nurturing tolerance for differing opinions and collaborating among young people to bring them closer to a model of constructive and ethical debate in communication.

“Re-Debate 5.0 – The Revitalization of Debate Culture” continues to be a necessity for young people, as although the communication tools are numerous and diverse nowadays in Albania. There is still a lack of space for debate by citizens to citizens and their problems.

The Project will be extended in 50 High Schools in 17 cities and will include more than 1000 students. All activities will last more than 10 months and will be organized as a Tournament in three phases during October 2019 to June 2020:

  • The 1-st phase will come off between every school with the trainings;
  • The 2-nd phase will come off in city standing;
  • The 3-rd phase and the latest will be held in Tirana with the national debate.

During the two pasted editions, LIBURNETIK Organization had evidenced that supporting of the debate culture cultivation is a necessity and have an impact among the youth people of the high schools.

On following days on the official website of the project will be published the 17 cities and schools that will be part of Re-Debate 5.0. Follow us on and on our social media networks @redebate5.0 dhe