Stance on the Law of Youth
July 8, 2019
5 Years of LIBURNETIK Organization
July 14, 2019

“Computer Literacy” – ended the 1st month of summer school

Ended with success the 1st month of summer school, “Computer Literacy”, and its toward the finish of the second month.

This is the third edition of this summer school with is implemented by LIBURNETIK Organization with the support of ANTE Cement sh.a. The first group of beneficiaries of this course were the young people of Fushe Mamurras, meanwhile the second group is from Thumana. In this summer school the young people get to know the basic programs of “Microsoft Office”, main online search engines (Internet) and basic knowledge on Windows operative system is given.

During summer school different social subjects are also discussed by facing the ideas on the youth activism and how youth can collaborate to strength the community they belong. By the end of the school, certificates weredistributed to the young participants and also 3 symbolic gifts for the best ones on each group.