We are LiburnEtik

Our vision

Social integration

Creating an open society, without barriers

Based on solidarity and peaceful coexistence

LIBURNETIK Organization was born as an informal group in 2013 and officially was funded in Tiranë at July 2014.

LIBURNETIK is a non-profit organization created by the will of a group of young people with the aim of raising awareness, promoting and developing the Albanian society, for the betterment of social life, by assessing the needs of the territory and implementing innovative ideas, projects and actions.

News & Events

December 23, 2019

Mirë se vjen ‘LIBURNETIK Elbasan’!

Organizata LIBURNETIK ndan një lajm me të rinjtë shqiptarë dhe me të gjithë ata që kanë qenë dhe vazhdojnë të jenë pjesëmarrës në aktivitetet e organizatës […]
December 8, 2019

Climbers for a day

Sot, më 8 dhjetor, me rastin e Ditës Kombëtare të Rinisë u zhvillua aktiviteti i parë i LIBURNETIK Elbasan. Ishte një aktivitet mbresëlënës, i cili u […]
October 8, 2019

Begins the third edition of “Re-Debate 5.0 – The Revitalization of Debate Culture”

LIBURNETIK Organization had started to implement of the third edition of “Re-Debate – The Revitalization of Debate Culture” with the support of the Open Society Foundation Albania […]
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“Re-Debate 5.0 – The Revitalization of Debate Culture” continues to be a necessity for young people, as although the communication tools are numerous and diverse nowadays in Albania. There is still a lack of space for debate by citizens to citizens and their problems. The debate space is 'occupied' by politic and by 'experts' who encourage seemingly elitist models but who may had lose the perspective of stakeholder support for discussing with and in the public interest.



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The "Love through Colors" program is an initiative of LIBURNETIK in cooperation with the Ramazan Kabashi Institute.
This program aims to provide volunteer service at the Institute for deaf children.
This service focuses on developing artistic skills through non-formal education, activities that help integrate them into society.
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